Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Starting Your Fitness Business

A Start Up Guide For The Ambitious Fitness Entrepreneur

This Boot Camp Business Enterprise Course Manual is perhaps the most important, and most overlooked, section simply because things that start well are destined to end well, but things that start poorly… Well, you can figure it out. The topics include creating a business plan, deciding whether to go big or go small, what legal form to start your business in and why, getting a business license, how to name your company and create a brand, targeting your market and finding your ideal customer so you can build a business around that customer. The content here is derived from my book How To Build Your Own Fitness Boot Camp. For a more thorough treatise on everything you need to build your business, please check out my resources on the shopping page.

Step One to Building Your Business Plan

The first step is the most important: Your Dream. You might also call this your purpose and your vision. The reasons why you are planning on building a giant fitness empire or a tiny Boot Camp hobby are perhaps more important than any ‘how to’ you can research. The reason for this is that if you know why you are doing it, and have a deep passion to create your own thing, you are more likely to practice the fundamentals long enough to get good at it. Not only that, but you are more likely to handle the pitfalls that accompany starting a business. Yes, there will be hurdles and obstacles, and yes, you will have to overcome them not if, but when they come in order to be successful. If you don’t have a strong vision or a purpose when you get into this, you will fail. No question about it.

Everyone knows that Michael Jordan was a great basketball player. People see how ‘talented’ he was and talk about that all day. The reality is that Michael Jordan practiced more than anyone around him and that is what made him great. Talent is never enough. Even Mozart was said to have had deformed hands by the time he was 13 because of all the practice he did. If you want to become a great basketball player or a great musician, you are going to need to have a strong vision and a big dream in order to motivate yourself sufficiently to practice enough to get good. The same is true for a fitness business. You don’t just need to be good at pushups, you need to get good at getting people to pay you money to tell them to do pushups, and that takes practicing skills you probably never knew you would need to practice!

Business and sales and marketing and the mysteries of human interaction all take practice to master. The good news is that we are going to be giving you many of the tools and systems and ideas in this program in order to guide your practice and help you to do it in less time than many other people who did it with trial and error. You are in the right place because we are your coaches to help you to avoid having to reinvent the wheel.

You should take some time RIGHT NOW to stop what you are doing and write out at least 10 reasons why you must build your own fitness business with Boot Camps to help you create your preferred future. Ask yourself this question: Why am I doing this? Then fill in the blank at least 10 times over: I am building my own fitness business because _______________. It must be unique to you and not be because someone else wants you to do it. Some of you who have been training awhile might read this and think it is hokie or a waste of time. You might just want us to give you the meat of this right now and hurry up and get started. I encourage you to pause for a second and examine why you might feel that way.

Is it possible that being in such a hurry has been what led you to make stupid decisions in the past? Not only that but maybe you’ve done this before and you don’t want to do it again. Have you ever considered that your lack of practice in goal setting each week and each day is what kept you from accomplishing your goals in the past? Take some time right now and do this (or do it again) so that you have a clear understanding of all the reasons you are doing this.

Now that you have some reasons, you are going to use them to build a plan. Now, I am not talking about one of those ‘business plans’ that you get out of a book or buy online that is designed to attract investors. Those documents might have 200 pages and be filled with a bunch of banker talk that you don’t need. You need a plan that YOU understand and are motivated by. You need a mission.
The following was the mission I created for My Boot Camp Company. You can use it, but try to make your own or at least tweak it so it speaks to you. I grew my company in 4 cities (with 8 trainers and various short-term camps the other cities) with it, so it isn’t terrible.

Jesse’s Dominating Boot Camp Company

Who We Are: Core Values

  • Serve our clients. Provide fantastic value. Get results.
  • Respect the integrity, the responsibility, and the importance of the instructor.
  • Health and fitness is our natural state and can be done anywhere.
  • Motivate and lead others through vision, positivity, initiative, and confidence.


We exude fun, variety, and community, which is what makes our clients happier and our business opportunity sustainable.

Mission Statement

To create and foster an amazing ongoing fitness experience with a strong sense of community for our clients, utilizing group training Boot Camps, fitness events, sports, and recreational activities. We give our clients a superior fitness experience and results.

If you are on your own right now, this might seem to be bigger than you need. Well, that is only true if your vision is small. Start with a big vision, and then you can get the reality to match that vision. You can find the right people to join your team to make a big vision happen.

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