Boot Camp Book

My personal step-by-step blueprint for building a profitable bootcamp from scratch in less than 90 days (earning me over $300 an hour as a group fitness instructor). 


"It is a pleasure to be on The Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle Podcast with Jesse every week! He brings a lot to the show and contributes even more to our Boot Camp Inner Circle coaching clients. He truly is a master at building fitness businesses that help fitness professionals, gym owners, and trainers to find freedom." 

Georgette Pann BS,CPT,CSN 
Author of Sure Victory Boot Camps 
"How To Build Your Own Fitness Boot Camp is yet another example of Jesse's willingness to pay forward. In a profession where being able to leverage your time to help many instead of few is critical to career success, this book is the blue print to allowing other fitness professionals like myself the opportunity to achieve this.” 

Dave Schmitz PT, CSCS, PES 
Resistance Band Training

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