Monday, December 14, 2015

Boot Camp Circuit Workout with partnered stations

Circuit Workout


Use your standard dynamic warmup, or substitute with this to shorten the overall warmup time
1-5 minutes – In order (roughly 20 seconds per movement)
Arm Circles / Torso Rotation / Hip Flexor Stretch (Static)
Quad Dynamic Standing Stretch / Hip Flexor Stretch (again)
Quad Dynamic Standing Stretch (again) / Leg Swings
Ankle Rock / Scapular Protraction/Retraction
2-4 minutes – In order (roughly 30 seconds per movement)
Hip Lift
Forward Lunge with Instep


STATIONS - Clients paired into 2’s
2 minutes per station, repeat the entire sequence one time.
Participants will get through all 10 stations in roughly 50 minutes if you take 30 seconds to a minute explaining or setting up (remove a station or two to shorten to 35-40 minutes)
 Station 1: Kettlebell Circles / Kettlebell Snatch
 Station 2: Medicine Ball Overhead Wall Slam / Medicine Ball Rotational Wall Slam
 Station 3: 6” Hurdles lateral High Knees / 12” Hurdles lateral High Knees
 Station 4: Kettlebell Swing / Kettlebell High Pull
 Station 5: Dumbbell Suitcase Deadlift / Dumbbell Overhead Squat
 Station 6: Jump Rope / Jump Rope
 Station 7: Bodyweight T-Push-Up / Prisoner Lunge
 Station 8: 6” Hurdles Tuck Jumps / 12” Hurdles Tuck Jumps
 Station 9: Bodyweight Prisoner Squats / Bodyweight Inverted Row
 Station 10: Burpees


Minimal cooldown, general stretching, planks and/or simple brief stretch to finish off

Resources I use in boot camps:

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