Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boot Camp Workout with Intervals

Interval Workout


Functional warm-up - 3 sets of 10
 Shrugs
 Arm Circles
 Hip Rotations
 Vertical Chop
 Standing opposite arm and leg reach
 Lunge with reach
 25 jumping jacks


You will need a medicine ball. You will also want to be far enough from the playground equipment so the campers can sprint to it to perform other exercises. The participant will run after their ball each time they throw it, once they get it they do the prescribed toss again, 10 x total per throwing exercise, or they can partner up and toss to each other. Either way they will constantly be moving.

Overhead soccer throw-after 10 reps, sprint to playground and perform 5 assisted pull-ups. Followed by 10 explosive push-up (clap hands), and 25 crunches.

1minute break

Chest pass with partner or alone 10x. Sprint to playground equipment and complete inverted row. Only a couple of people will be able to do this at a time. While others wait for their turn we perform skaters, skiers and high knees.

1 minute break

Slams with medicine ball 10x (if there are not enough balls, others can be doing crunches, push-ups until it is their turn).

Stay where you are and perform 10 squat jumps, 20 speed lunges and 10 mule kicks.

1 minute break



General stretch – 10 minutes


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