Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Interval Workout with Circuits, including the lateral bear crawl and spiderman crawl

Interval Workout with Circuits


Use my standard dynamic warmup, or...
2-4 minutes – In order (roughly 20 seconds per movement)
Arm Circles / Torso Rotation / Hip Flexor Stretch (Static)
Quad Dynamic Standing Stretch / Hip Flexor Stretch (again)
Quad Dynamic Standing Stretch (again) / Leg Swings
Ankle Rock / Scapular Protraction/Retraction
2-4 minutes – In order (roughly 30 seconds per movement)
Hip Lift / Forward Lunge with Instep
Windmill / T-Roll


STATIONS - Campers paired into 4’s
After each series, follow with 45-60 seconds rest)
 Series 1: 7-yard drill
(Each round lasts a total of 45-90 seconds)
Cones set apart 7 yards on the floor/field in box format. Cone-lane for each camper.
Suicides w/cone touches – Hand Walk – Forward Run/Back Pedal w/cone touches – Tuck Jumps
 Series 2: 30 Yard Drill (Sprints)
Sprint 30 yards, Walk back to starting line x 6 Sprints
 Series 3: 15 Yard Drill (Body Crawls)
(Each round lasts the length of time to cross 15 yard distance)
Forward Bear Crawl – Lateral Bear Crawl Right – Lateral Bear Crawl Left – Reverse Bear Crawl
Crabwalk Forward/Reverse at halfway mark – Spiderman Crawl at halfway mark Walking Plank
 Series 4: Hill Interval (Sprinting up Hill)
Sprint Up Hill, Walk back to starting line x 4 Hill Sprints
 Series 5: Bodyweight Drill
(4 Minute Rounds. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Switching between exercises)
A1) Plank with External Rotation Left A2) Plank with External Rotation Right
B1) Overhead Squat B2) Mountain Climber
C1) Reverse Plank C2) Total Body Counters (Burpee’s)
 Series 6: 30 Yard Drill (Sprints)
Sprint 30 yards, Walk back to starting line x 3 Sprints


General stretching, planks and/or simple brief stretch to finish off


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