Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Episode 59 Fred Zoller Interview Workouts vs. Programming 02/23 by FitnessProFreedom | Fitness Podcasts

Episode 59 Fred Zoller Interview Workouts vs. Programming 02/23 by FitnessProFreedom | Fitness Podcasts:

Fred graduated from SLU with a B.S. in Kinesiology emphasizing human movement.  He has attained numerous training certifications and has read and studied every ounce of material he could get his hands on related to health and fitness.

During his career as a fitness coach, Fred began with private personal training in 1996 and teaching nutrition seminars in 2005 stemming from his career as a natural bodybuilder. He has worked with a wide variety of clientele, from general population clientele to several top level athletes, State Champions, and professionals in a multitude of sports.

A sought after expert, Fred is invited to speak to a number of organizations each year on topics such as fitness, nutrition and motivation. For the last 2 years he has spent much of his time developing his new training facility and his coaches branding his very own training philosophy, which has been successful for years.

Recently, he is a student of World Renowned Martin Rooney, the founder of Training For Warriors, one of the top fitness coaches in the world. He is devoted to changing the lives of every single person he comes across on a daily basis.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Episode 58 Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle Questions 02/09 by FitnessProFreedom | Fitness Podcasts

Episode 58 Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle Questions 02/09 by FitnessProFreedom | Fitness Podcasts:

In this episode, Georgette and Jesse answer listener questions and help improve your fitness business so you can spend more time earning great money and less time dealing with distractions.

  • "There are so many guru's, who do I listen to?"
  • "Do I need to create an alter-ego to be successful at this?"
  • A growing trend of free Facebook groups for trainers offering free workouts. There is a problem with them. They water-down real education and lack quality content.
  • Support groups for trainers that don't take care of themselves?
  • Shiny-object syndrome with personal trainers.
  • Websites mentioned: http://fitnessbootcampcoaching.com/  and  http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/