Friday, April 29, 2016


I saw a video on Facebook today showing this mom-to-be who is nine months pregnant — and lifting over 100 pounds in a crazy fashion.

Inline image 1

I couldn't help but post this for comedic value...

Yeah, yeah, I know it is "cool" to do this kind of stuff nowadays right up until you squeeze the kid out on the gym floor.

I don't know, call me old fashioned.

This video is totally a lawsuit waiting to happen. There needs to be a 27 page disclaimer attached to it LOL.
I can just see it now...

Headline news:

"Young pregnant mother of twins who has never tried CrossFit decides to give it a whirl because of online video and ends up in hospital.
Sues entire CrossFit franchise and trainers. Franchise counter-sues mother for defamation and both sue creator of online video who is charged with manslaughter. Gym owner files bankruptcy. CrossFit settles for 3.8 Million. Doctor who gave the OK to mother claims ignorance and loses malpractice claim. Government decides to regulate the gym industry and all the lawyers in the case get rich and retire to US Virgin Islands."

Here is another angle I just thought of:

Baby Born With Hulk-Like Strength. Wrestles Doctor To Submission On Hospital Floor.