Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Name Your Price!

I received a fantastic Facebook Instant Message this morning.

I have had a lot of prospects (read: PEOPLE) who have been approaching me for personal training and to join my boot camp.

Too many for me to help actually.

It's not because I don't want to. It's because I DON'T NEED to.

I keep raising my prices and making it tough to join or to book me. I do that ON PURPOSE.

So should you.

The one from this morning is a regular occurrence. Check it out below. I added a screenshot...

Anchor Point Training vs. TRX

Gyms are overrated! Workout Anywhere. Get 80% of the results in 20% of the time.💪

Here is my Anchor Point Training vs. TRX Part I and II videos.

Toward the end, I even demonstrate a 5-minute workout that can be done anywhere you want.

↘️If you want the APT system, click here.

Thank you Chris Severs.

Anchor Point Training vs. TRX Part I